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Our pets become one of our best friends and a member of our families.

Have you ever lost track of your pet and had a nearly full-on panic attack?

We know that feeling and it is a horrible and frightening experience.

Unfortunately, 10 million dogs and cats are lost or stolen in the US every year and less than 23% in the U.S. are reunited with their owners. That's only about 1 in 5 and that is heartbreaking!

The Pet eTracker is here to change that, fits onto your pet's collar, and connects to your phone via an iOS/Android app so you will always know exactly where your furry friend is. 




FIND KEYS, BAGS & MORE -- Pet Bluetooth tracker is the all-purpose finder for a wide variety of items like keys and bags. The easy-to-use finder and free app work with iOS and Android.

FIND NEARBY -- Use the app to ring your eTracker when it’s within 0 - 100 ft.

FIND FAR AWAY -- When outside of Bluetooth range, use the app to view your eTracker's most recent location.

FIND YOUR PHONE -- Use your eTracker to find your phone, even when it’s on silent.


Easy to Operate:  Download the FREE APP “iSearching” then pair it with your smartphone. When you press the remote button, the receiver "beeps".

No Other Fees or Ongoing Subscription: You can even search for other "tag" or "tracker" apps in the Google Play or iOS App Store and pair your Pet eTracker with the one you like best.

Snap the Perfect Photo: When the key tracker is connected to the mobile phone via Bluetooth, the anti-lost device can be used as a remote control button to control the photo shutter of the mobile phone. Use it to capture a beautiful moment, your lost pet's surroundings, or catch a quick snap of the bad guy.

Ultra-Low Power: The built-in CR2032 button battery (now included) is replaceable and low energy consumption technology allows for up to 3-6 months stand by time.

Image of a mischievous cat.


The eTracker is compact, light-weight, and easy to carry like a key chain on your kids' schoolbag or hang on your pet's collar. The real-time viewing locator in the app effectively helps you avoid kids, pets, or nearly anything you value ever being lost again. Give yourself extra peace of mind -- it is like having your own eTracker.


Makes a great gift to elderly parents/grandparents, loved ones, or that friend who's always misplacing things.

 Happy dog rescued and carried by his owner


- In the Google Play Store or Apple App Store search for "iSearching" or get the download link by scanning the QR code on the box and download the APP;

- Long press the button on the smart tracker, hear the "beep, beep" twice, the LED light is on;

- Search for the smart tracker and connect to the app;

- Long press to shut down.

We are here for you. If you have any questions, please contact us.


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Keep Your Pets Healthy

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Vitamins and supplements have made a huge comeback for not only humans but their pets too. One of the reasons is that we enjoy treating our pets like children, because we love them, and we want them to be healthy and happy. If it’s good for us, it’s good for them, right? That’s the attitude, anyway. But, do pets really need vitamins and supplements? Do they really help?

This report covers a great number of different topics surrounding vitamins and supplements that may or may not be beneficial to your pet’s health. From finding a good vitamin type that’s ideal for absorption to whether or not holistic products and minerals are really worth the hype. A quick and easy 18-page guide that’s full of great information.


eTracker Specifications

- Color: Black/White/Pink/Green/Blue

- Size: 52 x 31 x 11mm

- Compatible Device: iPhone (iOS 7.0 or later), iPad Mini, iTouch 5, iPad 3/4, and Android (Android 4.3 or later)

- Bluetooth Version: 4.0

- Battery: CR2032 Lithium coin battery (replaceable)

- Finder Distance: 0-75 feet (more or less range depending on obstructions)

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